Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Urban Futures Workshop

CONTRAST Designs partners Mazin A.Karim and Kareem Hammouda joined the workshop jointly organized by "Cairo from Below", "Megawra" and Ain Shams University last week. Along with 4 other moderators, and students from about 7 different architecture schools, the one-day workshop tried to highlight and open a discussion about several of Cairo's urban issues. From the Cairo 2050 plan, to transport and infrastructure, to personalized visions of Cairo's future, the workshop ended with a wide collection of ideas about the city.

We chose to focus on Cairo's suburbs and gated communities, specifically focusing on "The Wall" as a dominant element affecting the suburban condition. The team proposed visions of how these walls can be seen as opportunity, rather than reason, for segregation and fragmentation. Schemes included the "Transport Wall", the "Music Wall", and the "Drug Dealing Wall".

"Cairo from Below" are organizing "Our Urban Futures" competition that invites Cairenes to imagine and propose ideas for their city, Cairo. More details about the competition here.

A complete collection of the workshop photos here.

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