Saturday, June 5, 2010

+20 Egypt Design opens in the historic district of Cairo

The +20 Egypt Design event launched last night with an unexpected success. The official opening of the 1st design week event was conducted by ministers of culture and industry (below with Contrast Designs' '2ashayer'). Contrast's lighting units are showing at Sabil El-Selehdar under the 'Crafting Light' exhibition organized by Rhimal. The two lighting units, '2ashayer' and 'linea', investiagate the potential of reusing waste building materials, and challenge misconceptions about what we are capable of contributing to a sustainable future.

The event continues from 3-7 June from 6-10 pm. If you are visiting, make sure you dont miss Dina Shoukry @ suhaymi house, our friend Daniel Dendra @ suhaymi house, Nedal Badr's 'muqarnasat', Leila Selim's 'dispute you label' installation, and the 2nd KYME exhibition @ Moheb Hall.

And finally, thanx to our dedicated project team : Kareem Shoukry & Meral Omar.