Sunday, October 2, 2011

CO.D.E. Studio @ AAST

This semester CONTRAST Designs partners, Kareem Hammoda and Mazin Abdulkarim will be running a design studio at the AAST in Cairo under the name CO.D.E Studio. The studio is split internally into two units each exploring a separate field of interest. In Unit A, Abdulkarim will be exploring ‘Patterns’ as a device for spatial and material constructs, and will investigate their potential relevance and application within architecture. The investigation will develop a critical understanding of the potentials of patterns and its associated effects. In Unit B, Hammouda will be exploring the tectonic qualities of materials by studying inherent spatial characteristics and organizational patterns through various manipulative experiments to develop an architectural language reflecting the materials hidden potentials and complex reflexes to alteration.

We will be posting more from the studio's work as it progreses.